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There are several companies that provide concrete finishing solutions but none is like Miami Concrete Underlayment Company. Apart from concrete underlayment, we offer virtually all types of concrete finishing solutions. Our contractors have been offering these solutions for several years and hence you can be sure of getting high quality services from them. There are several things that make us to be in on the top of the game. We are proud to be leaders in the construction industry of the United States. Lets look at some of the things that have been giving us a competitive edge in the market. You will come to realize that we have the best approach to business when it comes to installing any forms of concrete finishes.


Use of High quality Materials

Miami Concrete Underlayment Company values the use of high quality products. You cannot run away from the fact the quality of raw materials that you use will determine the kind of results that you will achieve. We understand this truth and hence aspire to use high-quality products in all our works. Our team knows where to get the right materials for the job. We will make sure that you have very beautiful and highly functional concreate finishes. The attractiveness of the surfaces will definitely make them to stand out in the market. The other thing that you can also be sure of is that you are going to get highly durable products. You will not be required to undertake maintenance work every now and then. The choice of material that we use will not require you to undertake several repairs in the long run. Therefore, you will have the peace of mind as you continue using our services. The team at Miami Concrete Underlayment Company knows what works well and what does not work well. We’d rather you pay slightly higher prices but you get concrete surfaces that will last you for an extended time. Our brand does not compromise on the quality of raw materials whatsoever. We know the best suppliers and will always use them in our operations.


Employing a Highly Skilled Workforce

Working in concrete underlayment and other finishes is a highly specialized job. In fact, we don’t advise you to try this task on your own unless you have the required level of expertise. We have the best team if you are looking for professional results. Our concrete contractors are well trained and highly skilled to handle any kind of task. The brand only employees graduates from the leading training institutions in the region. After several years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that we have the right level of expertise to handle your work. Nothing is too hard for our team because of the high level of expertise that we possess. The team has a lot of experience and will not let you down when it comes to quality of work.


Integration of Modern Technology in Our Operations

Installing concrete is not one of the DIY projects however simple it may appear to be. The good thing about our company is that we have invested so heavily in modern technology. We have the right equipment to mix your concrete solution and hence you can be sure of fine concentrations. The application process is also simple because of the integration of modern technology in our operations. You can be sure of getting very even surfaces that have no form of imperfections. Our desire is to get smooth results that you can find no where else. These equipment help us to produce not only beautiful but also durable results. The equipment allows our company to deliver high quality concrete finishing services at affordable rates. The beauty of everything is that we take the shortest time to work on your finishes without compromising on quality. You can trust us if you are looking for a high level of efficiency from the concrete industry. We have the kind of equipment that will make sure that you are getting the expected results.


High Levels of Customer Service

Miami Concrete Underlayment Company is the best when you are looking for exemplary customer service. Our team will not promise what we are unable to deliver. All our efforts are geared towards making sure that we exceed your expectations. Thanks to the kind of professionalism that our team exhibits.

The first thing that you will love about our brand is the high level of transparency. The quotation that we give you is what you will exactly pay for. We don’t want to promise you something then we change the goal posts in the middle of the assignment. The team will assess your work and give you a true quotation of the whole assignment.  We know how to provide exact estimates on our quotations. The other thing is that we don’t have any hidden costs in our industry. The most important thing for us it to be transparent in all our operations.

Once you sign the contract, we will arrive on the site within the agreed timelines. We will also take the shortest time possible to work on your project without compromising on the quality whatsoever. Miami Concrete Underlayment Company remains to be the most reliable concrete underlayment service in the region. The team will try its level best to meet your taste and preferences with the highest level of precision. For us, producing highly attractive and functional surfaces is our key objective. Call us today to stand a chance to benefit from the high customer service levels that we provide in the market.

Insurance and Licensing

These are some of the key attributes of a reputable concrete overlayment company. Any company that meets these requirements has the best interests of their clients at heart. Miami Concrete Underlayment Company has the right permit to run the business in the region. All our concrete contractors are fully certified and hence you can be sure that you are in the right hands.

Like any other building projects, working on concrete surfaces comes with some level of risk. For instance, you can find one of the construction contractors getting an accident when on your site? The first thing you need to ask yourself is who is going the meet the hospital bills. With us, you can be sure that our insurer will meet all these costs. Therefore, there will be no medical bills attached to you as the homeowner. All our contractors are insured and hence you can be sure that you will not be taking care of such expenses.


  • Our Main Services Include

Concrete Underlayment

Miami Concrete Underlayment Company is the best brand when looking for someone to work on your concrete underlayment surfaces. We use high quality materials to make sure that you are getting the best results ever. You can be sure of highly attractive and durable concrete underlayment from us. We have the most decorative finishes that you can compare to non. The surfaces will take a very long time before you can see any form of chipping.


Concrete Overlayment

Concrete overlayment is one of the most specialized treatments that you can give you your surfaces. However, it is not something that you are going to do on your own. We have the best professionals in the region to handle this task for you. We produce aesthetically pleasing concrete overlays that will run you for several decades. Don’t expect any form of tear and wear from the concrete overlays that we produce. We have thousands of options at our disposal and hence we will not fail to get something that will blend well with the design of your home. The most important thing is to produce results that will stand out from the market. The professionals also use the right techniques and set standards to make sure that you are getting nothing but the best.


Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is one of the best treatments that you can give to your home. However, you may not be able to achieve the anticipated results unless you employ the right professionals. Miami Concrete Underlayment Company has highly talented experts who will give you the most beautiful concrete  surfaces. We use various stains to give you exemplary surfaces. We also use high quality products to give you long lasting concrete polished surfaces.


Concrete Grinding

There is nothing that is as good as concrete grinding for your surfaces. Miami Concrete Underlayment Company has the right equipment to offer you exemplary results. You can be sure of very smooth surfaces that don’t have any form of imperfections on them. This is what makes us different from the other service providers. The most important thing for us is a high level of precision in all our undertakings.


Stucco and EIFS

This is the last type of service that we provide in our company. The stucco and EIFS finishes that we provide are the best in the market. What guarantees us quality are the high quality equipment and raw materials that we use in our operations. The desire of our team is to exceed your expectations by all means. We produce highly attractive stucco and EIFS floors that you cannot compere to any. Feel free to call us today to get your free quotation from our concrete pros.

Call Us: (305)-709-5711
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